On 8/6/2013 5:13 AM, Richard Webb wrote:
It's possible that other library routines are causing some of the remaining
difference from the MSVC build (e.g. the profiler suggests that the DMC build
spends somewhat more time inside memcpy than the MSVC build).

Not sure if it's down to implementation or optimization though - might be down
to intrinsics/inlining and such? (the proflie for the DMC build says it's using
~1% of its time inside strlen and the profile for the MSVC build doesn't mention
it at all, which i guess is because it's using an intrinsic version).

If it's inlined then it won't show up in the profile. And yes, it's possible MSVC has a faster memcpy(). After all, enormous effort has been poured into memcpy().

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