Dear Jonathan,

It's sad to see you go, we desperately need any help we can get on the packaging front (for all those who don't know, Jonathan aka bioinfornatics has been maintaining several D-related packages in the official Fedora repositories).

However, I would argue that D libraries should not be packaged using the typical operating system package management facilities anyway, as those are very much tailored to mature C/C++ libraries. In the case of D, even if a given library tried to maintain a stable ABI, it would not succeed as the various compilers and different versions of the same compiler are not ABI-compatible (yet).

Together with the fact that one often wants to use several D compilers side by side (e.g. DMD for quick debug builds, LDC for optimized release versions, or the latest DMD version for a new project along with a slightly older one for some code that has not been updated yet), I think that dedicated language-specific tools like they are common with other newer programming languages are also the way to go for D.

What would be nice, however, is to have these D-specific tools such as DVM, dub, … available in the distro repositories, preconfigured to fit the customs of the given system. This way, users could just do "yum install dvm dub" (or whatever other tools) to get a fully working D environment.


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