On 17 August 2013 19:50, Ilya Yaroshenko <ilyayaroshe...@gmail.com> wrote:
> http://spiceandmath.blogspot.ru/2013/08/simd-implementation-of-dot-product_17.html
> Ilya

Having a quick flick through the simd.d source, I see LDC's and GDC's
implementation couldn't be any more wildly different... (LDC's doesn't
even look like D code thanks to pragma LDC_inline_ir :)

Thumbs up on marking functions as pure - I should really document
somewhere how gcc builtins are fleshed out to the gcc.builtins module

Iain Buclaw

*(p < e ? p++ : p) = (c & 0x0f) + '0';

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