The trick is to make something which is powerful and flexible for the experienced user and yet not too daunting for the newbie. I don't know how well we've succeeded on that front, but I'm sure that more tutorials and
better documentation and whatnot would help.

- Jonathan M Davis

Jonathan you've answered some many of me questions and I wanted to comment on this thought. I am a very poor programmer who has only used languages as needed to get a job done and never becoming good at any of them. I picked up D to start developing some text processing tools. I started with other guys in our office building these tools in Python but then learned I could actually generate tiny .exe's and not have to have Python installed on systems that I needed my tools on. The slices and associative arrays are awesome. I've acquired the habit of using the time functions and printing out how long it takes the program to do its work. 245ms! 657ms! LOL. D rocks! It is extremely complex and 90% of it is over my head but making my own little .exe's that blast through things orders of magnitude faster than the scripting languages is fun. Keep up the good work all!

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