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I believe one of the things D needs right now is more documentation. Therefore, I started writing a tutorial.

It is aimed at people who can already program well in other languages. This means nothing about loops or structs, because I expect most people to know this stuff. I do not consider D to be a language for beginners anyways.

It is aiming for pragmatic not comprehensive advice. For example, I mostly ignore LDC and GDC except for the optimization chapter.

Since I am working on Linux exclusively and I like the command line, I cannot teach to Windows users. Sorry.

This is still very incomplete and my our newborn family member requires quite some attention. So expect this to develop with glacial speed. ;)

Nevertheless, I want to put this version 0.1 out to get some feedback. What do you think about the topic selection? What topics are missing? Serious errors so far?


Wreck it! :)

Looks very nice, not much content yet but I will continue to check it out from time to time to see if I can make any suggestions.

One minor nit-pick.  On the page:


while I got a chuckle out of "D is what C++ wanted to be.", I might omit this. Insulting C++ isn't likely a great way to attract the C++ crowd, which is one of our major target audiences.

Good work,

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