On Friday, 11 October 2013 at 00:36:12 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
Today I committed the first 5112 lines of D code to Facebook's repository. The project is in heavy daily use at Facebook. Compared to the original version (written in C++) we've measured massive wins in all of source code size, build speed, and running speed.

I opened Facebook today and haven't noticed speed increase :) If I see, will attribute it to hard dmd working :)

In all likelihood we'll follow up with a blog post describing the process.


Sorry for being skeptic, but after so many years of D advertising are you sure that 5112 lines in Facebook code is a proof of D rise or a quality? In recent years (may be I am biased here) I have very poor signals of D engaging into mainstream - from language popularuty indexes (which are criticized for not showing real state of things), IT forums or watching in which lang are some projects written.

Aside from speaking whether 5112 lines of code is really a good sign, there is separate issue regarding quality. When you will look at claim that some language (lets take for example C# or Java) "supports feature X", that really means that the feature is supported. In D this for sure means that the feature is either broken or misdesigned (shared libraries, routine code breakages, obsolete ms32 object format, AA arrays, shared, const postblits, odd template crosstalk bugs, type system holes, segfaulting lambdas, unstable stdlib, absent of third-party libraries). Untill this stuff is fixed this is a huge barrier irrespective of whether D is used in Facebook or not.

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