*Unstandard* is a library for general purpose usage aimed to be an addition to the *D* standard runtime library *Phobos*.

The author would like to pull as much functionality as possible to Phobos but it's a rather difficult and slow work.

NOTE: It's a personal one-man library, not some experimental stuff for *Phobos*. There is nothing official in it.

Project page: https://bitbucket.org/denis-sh/unstandard
Documentation: http://denis-sh.bitbucket.org/unstandard/

Partial Unstandard brief content description
  * For string manipulation functions see unstd.c.string and unstd.utf.
  * For user-defined lifetime implementation see unstd.lifetime.
* For various metaprogramming stuff see unstd.generictuple, unstd.templates, and unstd.traits. * For various GC and non-GC memory manipulation stuff see unstd.memory.allocation, unstd.memory.misc, unstd.memory.weakref, and unstd.windows.heap. * For functions to manipulate with multidimensional rectangular arrays see unstd.multidimarray.

Also see for other useful stuff unstd.array, unstd.casts, unstd.math, and unstd.typecons.

Read documentation for more information.

The library is about one year old. It has been mentioned few times in digitalmars.D NG as "phobos-additions" library. The name was changed to prevent thinking it has a relation to the official library.

Денис В. Шеломовский
Denis V. Shelomovskij

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