On Saturday, 12 October 2013 at 22:16:13 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:

Current list of regressions:


This isn't a release candidate, in particular the documentation needs work, but we need to shake the tree for any undetected regressions.

Further beta announcements go in the dmd-beta mailing list.

Note that this release contains:

29 enhancements
307 dmd bugs fixed
14 druntime bugs fixed
73 phobos bugs fixed

The sizes of Phobos binaries increased by a third for every OS except FreeBSD, which seems to have remained the same (created 17 Feb 2013). Aside from the FreeBSD case which is most likely a bug, is that an expected increase, or they are just compiled with some extra options for the beta, and will shrink again when the release comes?

Ivan Kazmenko.

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