I finally got around to putting it up in the dub registry.


On Tuesday, 27 August 2013 at 13:07:02 UTC, Atila Neves wrote:
My very first D project is now feature-complete as far as I can see (alpha) and I'd like to share it with the community:


There are more details on github but here are the highlights:

1. Automatic registration of unit tests via compile-time reflection 2. Unit tests can be classes or functions, the latter for minimal boilerplate
3. Support for D's unittest blocks
4. Runs in multiple threads by default, possible to run in one thread 5. Manual selection of tests to run at the command-line (runs all tests by default)

I've used it myself to test my other D projects (2 other for now) to make sure it did what I wanted it to. I basically wrote this for myself knowing what I'd want from a unit testing library, but I'm sure it can be useful for the general D public.

Feedback is of course more than welcome!


P.S. I totally expect this to break for large real-world projects in its current state. It can test some modules in phobos but had problems with others, for instance. My own other D projects are tiny and even if I had a large D codebase the tests I'd write would reflect the biases that go into this library.

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