Vladimir, your talk about memory management and related would be interesting. I will post some proposed meeting details to the meetup group list, and then we can work out transportation, etc.


I'll be around Minneapolis (in Eagan) for all of November, with the possible exception of one week (TBD if/when) during which I might take a dip down to LA.

The biggest limiting factor is that I can't drive here. So, if someone could pick me up, practically any time I'm here is fine for me. Otherwise we'll need to find a day that works for everyone.

I could redo my DConf talk if you're interested, although I don't think I'd have much to add since May. Or, I could talk about memory management in D: garbage collection, structure and history of the D GC, related tools, best practices, and latest developments. Some of this was covered by the two DConf GC presentations.

What will the format and duration of the meetup be? A presentation in an auditorium somewhere, or like a dinner/gathering?

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