Hi Sönke,

My concern is actually in development time. Compilation, debugging, etc.. Ruby on rails applications had their reload classes optimized effecting only reload the classes changed instead of the entire environment. Today we have the application of ERP type integrated e-commerce with 342 models, reload wait around this set can be a really time consuming process for development.

I appreciate your work, appreciate languagem d, successful community

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On Monday, 4 November 2013 at 16:40:25 UTC, Alexandre Riveira wrote:
Hi Sönke,

Congratulations for your hard work.

One question,
How do you think your framework running in development mode where a huge amount of models with many business rules exist. A system under development can be slow, like java where a signature change in the
method requires reload of the whole application.

Alexandre Riveira

I might recommend to wait a bit before trying it in production until CI suite is figured out (it is work in progress), there are some concerns with stability/regressions right now because it grows just too fast.

Seconded, some parts are still moving fast and some parts still don't have good enough test coverage. And while it can already be used for many production tasks when used with some care, I wouldn't suggest to start a million+ user service in the next 6 months or so, before a rigorous regression free stabilization process is in effect.

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