On 2013-11-06 07:26, Joakim wrote:

You can compile 32-bit code on a 64-bit FreeBSD machine, as long as you
do it inside a 32-bit FreeBSD jail.  I've done this many times when
compiling 32-bit FreeBSD packages and it works fine. If Jacob is
interested, all he needs to do is setup a 32-bit FreeBSD jail, which is
pretty straightforward.

Yeah, I noticed that's an alternative. But since I've never done that
that's way I said "might take a bit longer than I expected".

Apparently it can generate 32bit binaries just fine, the problem is some header files are not properly ported to handle both 32 and 64bit. A C Hello World application works without a jail. As well as any D application (at least the one I tried).

Seems Mac OS X is the only platform that handles this well, due to the use of universal binaries.

/Jacob Carlborg

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