On 11/18/2013 05:11 PM, Dejan Lekic wrote:
Hello everybody.

I have just committed few changes to https://www.gitorious.org/dejan-
fedora that allow you to build functional RPMs on your Fedora 19 systems.
I will aim for now to support F19, F20, EL5 and EL6. If someone needs
support for something else, please send patches or just simply come to IRC
and let me know what is the problem. :)

this is pretty nice setup you got here.

Few remarks - SPEC file expects source files to be on http://ddn.so/
files/ . I hope our release manager, or so-called "build master" will
make sure dlang.org provides source tarballs of dmd, phobos, druntime and
tools the same or similar way I have them on http://ddn.so/files/ (btw,
you can't browse it yet, but you can download files).

would it be possible to link to appropriate github repo changesets using git submodule, and then generate the tarballs from those?

I use the simple get-files.sh (located in the dmd directory in the dejan-
fedora repo) to get those release tarballs from GitHub.

Finally, I decided to be little bit adventurous and made the SPEC file
generate dmd.conf with -defaultlib=libphobos2.so flag in DFLAGS.

by gum, I think you did it right too. I can build a shared lib straight out of the box. Well, unittests seem not to be running, and I'm sure they were a release or two ago. we'll see.

Following Fedora package guidelines, I provide static library in the
libphobos-static package instead.

lovely. wait, 42 megabytes? there's one file in that package.. wow.

So far it all works fine. I did not test the i686 packages yet, they
should work. :)

Kind regards, and I hope you find this useful as much as I do.

Me too, I'm sick of maintaining my own buildscripts.

A few suggestions:

/usr/share/d/samples is in dmd-...-{architecture???}, shouldn't they be in a noarch package, like libphobos-devel?

shouldn't dmd require libphobos-devel rather than libphobos?

libphobos installs libphobos.so.2.064; shouldn't it have also installed libphobos2.so.2.064.2, cuz you know, this is dmd 2.064.2, and also most libs in my /usr/lib seem to follow the format libname.so.x.y.z

no dustmite? waaa.. ok fine.

From my own experience, I believe you are going to want

Requires:       glibc-devel(x86-32)
Requires:       glibc-devel(x86-64)

in the dmd package to ensure -m32/-m64 work properly

feel free to take any more from


I don't know if those Provides are necessary, but I do remember it took me a frustrating amount of time to get the 64 bit one right.

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