On Tuesday, 3 December 2013 at 09:00:25 UTC, Rory McGuire wrote:
Nice. Any chance that the packages are able to have a similar layout to dmd?

It is easy to just rearrange the files to match DMD's directory structure, you just have to update ldc2.conf accordingly.

However, as we don't ship one big archive for all possible operating systems (including the source code) like DMD does, but binary-only packages for each OS, I think adopting the DMD zip directory structure would only be confusing. The current layout is supposed to make it as easy as possible to just extract the archive somewhere and immediately be able to use the compiler (I use /opt/ldc… for keeping the different releases around, but you could also extract the files to /usr/local directly).

But I believe what you were asking for is a layout to match the DMD .deb packages? In this case, this would be a a job for the person providing LDC Debian packages, which we – unfortunately – currently don't have at all. Since LDC is Free Software in the Debian sense, it should even be possible to include it in the official repositories (again). There were a few discussions in that direction, but I don't think anything concrete resulted from that yet. Please contact us if you would be able to help with this!


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