Great work, thank you Sönke !

2013/12/6 Sönke Ludwig <>
> You need to delete the one in .dub/build/, the one in the target
> directory is just a copy of that one. BTW there is now a "dub build
> --force" switch, which forces a recompilation, and a "dub clean" command
> will also be added later.

Did you ever consider letting users add their own "recipe" (in Makefile
ie, let them extend dub the same way you can extend git: one would put a
bash / D / FancyScriptLanguage script under [~/].dub/whatever/deploy, and
calling dub deploy would call that script, passing it the package.json data.

 > Also, it would be nice if there was a way to output to a different

>  > target name for debug vs release builds of a library. It's quite common
> > to have both live side-by-side, with the debug builds differentiated by
> > a suffix -d or similar.
That's something I found myself missing alot in D. Those little trick
aren't much of a pain to implement on the tool side, but they're definitely
a huge gain on the user side.

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