I was looking for something similar to dub test and am glad to see it added, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to do anything at all.

In particular, I'm trying to give "tested" a try as it seems quite nice and I was looking for an automated way to generate computer-readable test results (results.json in this case). According to the github page for tested, with the latest version of dub (I'm using the beta version in OSX) I should just be able to add tested as a dependency and run dub test to generate test results. I created a package called "dubtest", and set app.d to contain just a unittest with @name set from tested. I then run dub test, and get:

Got library for false
Checking dependencies in '/Users/kapps/dev/src/dubtest'
Running unit tests for package dubtest, configuration 'library'.
Package dubtest (configuration "library") defines no main source file, this may cause certain build modes to fail. Add an explicit "mainSourceFile" to the package description to fix this. Error executing command test: Main source file not found in any import path.

I also tried giving my app.d a void main() which has the same result. I also tried dub test dubtest --main-file=main.d where main.d just contains a void main and writeln, but this has the same result as well. If I specifically set targetType to executable in package.json and run dub test, then I get:

Got  for false
Building package dubtest in /Users/kapps/dev/src/dubtest
Got  for false
Checking dependencies in '/Users/kapps/dev/src/dubtest'
Running unit tests for package dubtest, configuration ''.
Error executing command test: Could not resolve configuration for package tested

If I use dub --build=unittest however while it's set to executable, it will successfully build and reach my main (or give a linker error if no main is present / targetType is not executable).

Overall, I can't seem to get dub test to work at all regardless of configuration. Ideally I'm looking for a way to have tested run my unittests and output a results.json without manually creating a main file since these projects are generally libraries and I'm trying to automate the process for continuous integration purposes.

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