On Friday, 27 December 2013 at 19:09:28 UTC, Alexander Bothe
On Friday, 27 December 2013 at 17:52:22 UTC, ilya-stromberg wrote:
I have only one request: can you focus at the Mono-D stability? I saw a few errors last time (I'm not shure if it was Mono Develop errors or Mono-D errors).

Then please tell me as soon as they appear! Assuming that you've got a longer programming experience, you should know well that silent/destructive raging won't help anybody! :)

It was non-critical errors and thay appeared randomly. At least I
can't reproduse it now. But OK, I'll try to send bug reports.

So, can you use only stable Mono Develop versions and print current required Mono Develop version?

That's one thing I did for the last bunch of years. I hated it, brought even more confusion and I had doubled circumstances to manage everything. Atm I'm very happy that I can even release Mono-D for all 3 major OS platforms exclusively via addins.monodevelop.com which is the built-in distribution platform of MD.

I don't talk that you must support different Mono Develop
versions for different OS. Current stable Mono Develop is 4.2.2,
can you use it for all supported OS and specify recomended Mono
Develop version ad the
`http://mono-d.alexanderbothe.com/download/` page? I just want to
say: "please, don't use Alpha/Betta Release of Mono Develop". I
have a lot of problems with Betta Release of Mono Develop at
Ubuntu ~2 years ago.

Also, can you create betta/rc versions of Mono-D and, maybe, create separate repro for it?

I'd rather recommend to downgrade if something is not working at all - or just skip versions (like the usual main release followed by several bug fix releases - It's always your choice not to update!)

Not exactly. Actually, I decided do not to update, but one day I
had to create a new MonoD installation after OS re-install, and
it was complitly broken. I couldn't even open the project. It was
terrible. After that I decided to use Eclipse/DDT, even it has
less features.

I know this implies some efforts (head to http://addins.monodevelop.com/Project/Index/27 and select an older release :-)) but ensures that quite everyone is using the very latest version. Only then I can locate bugs&issues most efficiently.

OK. Can you add instruction how to do downgrade?

In past I had very bad experience of work with Mono-D because any Mono Develop and/or Mono-D upgrade could break the IDE.
So, it will be really great to see stable Mono-D.

Lastly, please define 'stable'.
I think you mean 'not crashing at every key stroke' - well, that can indeed happen from time to time.

Yes, exactly. But I agree that Mono-D looks much better than

But still, it's continous partly test-driven rolling-released integration - what do you expect? :-D

Furthermore, the guys from MonoDevelop seem to have taken a break from changing the APIs on every release plus if you use the dub architecture, Mono-D is a fully opt-in solution to develop your project. If it's just crashing, keep on developing with other tools and may return if it's working again. Or just keep filing issue reports, or try to fix it on your own - it's FOSS! :-)

Unfortunately, dub didn't exist at that days. But yes, today it's

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