On Friday, 27 December 2013 at 19:45:09 UTC, ilya-stromberg wrote:
It was non-critical errors and thay appeared randomly. At least I
can't reproduse it now. But OK, I'll try to send bug reports.

Please! Bug trackers, mails, blog comments, IRC, G+ - even via
facebook :O

There are so many ways to communicate! :-)

I don't talk that you must support different Mono Develop
versions for different OS. Current stable Mono Develop is 4.2.2,
can you use it for all supported OS and specify recomended Mono
Develop version ad the
`http://mono-d.alexanderbothe.com/download/` page? I just want to
say: "please, don't use Alpha/Betta Release of Mono Develop". I
have a lot of problems with Betta Release of Mono Develop at
Ubuntu ~2 years ago.

This is why I decided to distribute my very own Linux x86/x64
version of MonoDevelop on simendsjo's server @
in order to prevent exactly these kinds of circumstances - since
that version is the version I'm using the most time on my machine.

Not exactly. Actually, I decided do not to update, but one day I
had to create a new MonoD installation after OS re-install, and
it was complitly broken. I couldn't even open the project. It was
terrible. After that I decided to use Eclipse/DDT, even it has
less features.

Sure, and then you'll have the chance to 'return' two years
afterwards :)

I know this implies some efforts (head to http://addins.monodevelop.com/Project/Index/27 and select an older release :-)) but ensures that quite everyone is using the very latest version. Only then I can locate bugs&issues most efficiently.

OK. Can you add instruction how to do downgrade?

See Kelet's instructions.

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