Hi there,

I want to get the word out about an internship position
investigating D for high performance computing at the Swiss
National Supercomputing Centre in Lugano, Switzerland (cscs.ch).
For more information about the position, visit:

This is a good opportunity to work with D on some state of the
art hardware and tools. The project proposals aren't set in
stone, and we are open to proposals (they must be HPC-specific,
and preferably with GPUs).

The position is open to currently enrolled Masters students (or
highly motivated bachelor students). The positions are not
restricted to Swiss students, however for work permit reasons,
you must be enrolled at a European University.

The internships are paid, with enough to cover living costs, and
Ticino is a very pleasant place to be in summer with lots of
lakes and mountain valleys to explore on the weekends. If you are
interested, contact my colleague Claudio (find his email by
following the link above), or me at bcumm...@cscs.ch


Ben Cumming.

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