On Wednesday, 8 January 2014 at 14:30:50 UTC, Alexander Bothe wrote:
On Wednesday, 8 January 2014 at 12:35:47 UTC, Daniel Kozak wrote:
I do not think so because it runs gdb, and it stops on break point, but it does not show it properly on monodevelop editor (red marker is not mark as current stopping point (arrow is not here)) and I can not do things like next step and so on (just pause and stop button are active).

Perhaps it's some gdb user interface which is missing: mi2 is used there for a better machine2machine interfacing between mono-d and gdb.
Maybe, but I dont know how to test this

Just try to use -i:mi2 as an argument for gdb - then it'll use the mi2 interface

Is there a way to configure the plugin to add that option? It doesn't appear to be configurable, at least not from within the IDE. I've had this same issue, and found that the D debugging plugin doesn't work when using monodevelop later than 4.2.2. I haven't bisected the exact commit where it stops working, but it's definitely somewhere between 4.2.2 and 4.2.3. Since I build from source anyway (the Arch package for monodevelop is out of date) it wasn't a big deal to just roll back to 4.2.2 for now.

Other than that though, mono-d is fantastic, and probably the single reason I'm giving D another try after a few years. The auto-completion is REALLY good now, and the semantic highlighting is great. It's hard to give that stuff up coming from C#, but now I don't have to!

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