Which i a real shame...If D was able to access a UI like Qt, it would give a tremendous push to the language. Not being able to use easily some UI from D is holding back many people. I think Qt is the only reason some people prefer C++ even now.

I'm from C# world and this is exactly what will make a huge
difference. Have a nice portable language with a nice portable UI
I would like to learn Qt, but for me C++ is a no go (I'm too much
used to GC world simplicity/productivity).

I like D, but i think much work is still needed to make it usable
by masses.
Still newb and learning, but for now what I observed that D is a
productive language, comparable to C# and it can be really fast
for many usecases.

But I also observed from forum here:
- no good UI capability - yes I really consider Qt as a must
- not yet supported on arm/android/iOS,WP - why many Raspberry PI
hackers are using python?? Would not this be a nice playground
for D?
- bad performance of GC (everyone arguing about this, specially
for games)
- small library (as compared to what you can do with standard
java, .Net libs, this is just true)

So what is actually a target audience of this language?
I think that today its perfect for some backends, business layer
logic infrastructure.
For games? Well for some simple 2D/3D sure, but because of
lacking GC its limited.
Web development? Vibe.d is nice, but I think we need to have some
complete framework to compete with ruby on rails, django for
python, etc.
Multiplatform UI apps? Without Qt, I'm not convinced.

I like a progress the comunity is making (GDC, LDC2, vibe.d, dub,
...). If just there is a better GC, arm and mobile platforms
support, decent UI framework as QT is, I think that that will
make a huge step for D to be usable for a much wider userbase.

I really dont get, why people should write portable UI apps in
something like C or C++ if D is around. GC? I don't care about it
in UI, it helps to make things implemented fast so for me its a
must and performance critical blocks should be handled by backend

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