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Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted here, I've
been away from all things D, only being able to take an occasional peek
from time to time. It's so good to be back. I'm now finding a bit of
time to commit to learn D, more relearn as it would seem.

I've started my rediscoveries with exploring of concurrency,
parallelism, threading in D, and after some time I found myself thinking
"I need a unique encapsulator". Don't ask why, I may not even be able to
answer it in a month. But that helped me solve some problems before in
C++, so I thought why not try it here? In a couple of page views I came
upon std.typecons and its Unique type. And I thought "why that is
exactly what I want!". And it was, too. But after taking a closer look
at its general implementation I just couldn't help myself but think
"well, it seems it was done in a hurry, never finished, left as it was
because this of that and whatnot". I mean, those sparse comments, things
like "doesn't work yet", etc... I thought well, since I'm learning the
language again, why not make it an exercise and fill those blanks? It'd
certainly help me, because it would improve the abstraction I'm using,
and because it's a learning experience.

So, here's what I came up with for now:


Granted, not a complete implementation, keeping not very far from the
original. But right now I think it's a good time to ask you guys what do
you think? Where have I went wrong, what did I do incorrectly, what
potential issues can you spot in this? I mean, I'm not asking about
using opDot(), which, as I understand it, could be going away anytime
now. At least I think I managed to fill in most of the "blanks" of the
current implementation while keeping (almost?) to the same interface. In
short, please destroy this with Big Fat Phazerz so I could take the
remaining ashes and contemplate on the next iteration :)

opDot has been replaced with opDispatch [1] and "alias this" [2]. Why can't @safe be used, can you use @trusted instead? You should probably use template constraints for "createUnique" as well. As for coding style, especially if you're aiming for including in Phobos:

* Function names never start with underscore and always starts with a lowercase letter

* I would prefer the same for instance variables as well, but I know there are several cases in Phobos where instance variables starts with an underscore

[1] http://dlang.org/operatoroverloading.html#Dispatch
[2] http://dlang.org/class.html#AliasThis

/Jacob Carlborg

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