Latest news of DQuick for this year.

The good news is, the project still alive and Bruno added some interesting stuff to the DMLengine :
 - Adding support of arrays
 - Adding support of delegates
 - Improve error reporting from Lua

Our minesweeper sample works well but don't use arrays for the moment.

About arrays, a signal is emitted for the entire array, not for each values. It completely different to the Qt choice use QAbstractListModel, this force the user to create a wrapper for properties on array or list. Our solution works without any wrapper, but we have to do some real tests to see if it's a valid solution.

I hope 2014 will be the year when DQuick could be tested/used by some of you, but for that we need add some missing features, fix a lot of bugs and firstly works on the documentation (that is completely inexistent).

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