On 01/21/2014 02:48 AM, David Nadlinger wrote:

I completely missed the review/voting, sorry, though mine would have
been a "no" too, for the in my opinion inappropriate use of string
mixins in the API. If you find yourself to be needing to stringify a
passed in type for use in a string mixin, you are doing something wrong,
as it is near impossible to make this work reliable. There are many
other pitfalls than the one mentioned in the docs, e.g. with renamed
imports, protection specifiers, …

I hope that this module will continue to be improved as a DUB package,
though, because there certainly is interest in a solid implementation,
even if signals are currently not really part of the "go-to D toolbox"
for most people right now. Who knows what a later round of review might
bring once the library has seen some more adoption in the wild.


I strongly agree with this opinion.
Please note that it's not the lack of interest but the lack of time which prevented me from participating in this review.


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