∅MQD is a D library that wraps the low-level C API of the ∅MQ messaging framework. It is a rather thin wrapper that maps closely to the C API, while making it safer, easier and more pleasant to use. The API is designed to feel familiar to existing ∅MQ users, yet natural to D users.

For more information, check out the following links.

  GitHub/README:  https://github.com/kyllingstad/zmqd
  API docs:       http://kyllingstad.github.io/zmqd
  DUB package:    http://code.dlang.org/packages/zmqd

A while ago, I posted an RFC about this on the digitalmars.D forum. I've since incorporated some of the suggestions I got and made a few additions, and I now deem the library ready for release. It hasn't seen a lot of serious field testing yet, though, so there are surely a few bugs lurking in there. Therefore, I am calling this the first beta release, and encourage you to report any issues you encounter here:


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