On Wednesday, 29 January 2014 at 14:36:29 UTC, bearophile wrote:
Steve Teale:

I pushed changes to GitHub (https://github.com/britseye/compo) today that allow a clean build with warnings and deprecations on using DMD2.064.

In similar projects I suggest to pull out some generally useful modules (like some geometry ones), making them independent, and making them available (with DUB or on GitHub). This allows other projects to re-use those modules and reduce their size.


I'm 72 in April. I'd like to get what I started finished - including documentation - before I die. The source code is there, so if there are bits that are generally useful, people can cherry pick!

Also, if I come across bits that I think are generally useful, like approximating a circle with Bezier curves, or using meshes, I try to write an article on my web page that separates it out.

BTW, thank you for your consistent and continuing contributions to the development of D ;=)

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