On 2/11/2014 8:10 PM, Jesse Phillips wrote:
On Wednesday, 12 February 2014 at 00:07:42 UTC, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
I think that would fit very well into Scriptlike, as long as you don't
mind it all being in the same module as the rest of scriptlike, and
preferably using same formatting style (not that that's strictly
important, but consistency is nice of course).

Forgot that I wanted to say, I think considering the goals of the files
it may be reasonable to have them separate. Solving the extra import can
be done with something like package.d, but maybe you also want to reduce
file count for some reason?

Honestly, I had a hard time deciding whether to do single-file or package.d. Package.d is great, but the (minor) downsides are:

1. If you download the source files manually (maybe someone who isn't onboard with git or dub yet?), there's more to do: Either download more than one file, or download one file and unzip. Versus just "download this file and use it".

2. You still have to either pass all the files to DMD, or add an extra -Ipath to your RDMD call.

Normally I'd consider both of those trivialities and wouldn't worry about them, but scripts are usually just trivial single-files anyway, so just adding any dependency at all to a script is a potential deterrent. Even if only a subconscious one. So I wanted to keep it as trivial as possible.

Ordinarily, separate source files and maybe a package.d would definitely be the way to go. But the idea of expecting people to add a dependency to typically zero-dependency scripts seems like it's already a battle against inertia right from the start. So a "whole package" instead of "one file" just seems like needlessly hurting things even more.

However, maybe I could get the best of both worlds...

What if it was maintained as separate source files, with a package.d, but then I had a pre-commit hook to run a script that combined it all into one file (just stripping out the "module xxxx;" statements)? Pre-commit hooks, unfortunately, can't be included in the repository, so it wouldn't run for contributors (unless they went to the bother of setting it up), but I wouldn't mind doing it myself after merging pull requests.

Then again, maybe *that* complication could scare people off (esp. contributors), and maybe I'm worrying too much about the subconscious (or conscious) resistance to including external dependencies into trivial scripts?

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