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I'm offering a $50 bounty on this.
(Preferably Bitcoins, but I'll use bountysource if desired.)

I'd say just put it on bountysource, because then there's more chance
others will add to it.

I thought that would be best, unfortunately.

Has to be called -minimal

Dealbreaker.  The description for the switch reads "prevents all use of
features which rely on druntime" and therefore the only reasonable
switch name is "-nodruntime" or a variation of that.

I don't think we'll ever please everyone here. All I'm really trying to do by specifying the name is prevent some cutesy annoying name.

I'd be fine with the switch being name -nodruntime, and honestly I like that better.

Has to fulfill Walter's original post. (listed below)
Has to split the separate parts into different flags as well as
-minimal(-nogc, -nomoduleinfo, etc. Naming is left to the implementer).

Make a enhancement report on bugzilla with the details.

I will as soon as I iron a few wrinkles. I need to figure out if typeinfo should be a part of this as well.

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