On 2/14/14, 5:42, Francesco Cattoglio wrote:
On Friday, 14 February 2014 at 11:28:30 UTC, 1100110 wrote:
I thought that would be best, unfortunately.
Bitcoins are nice, but bountysource is the way to go. It's both more
official and easier to contribute to the bounty.

Meh, I just have a lot more spare Bitcoins than actual money at the moment. I can do both though.

I'd be fine with the switch being name -nodruntime, and honestly I
like that better.
I like it too.

I will as soon as I iron a few wrinkles.  I need to figure out if
typeinfo should be a part of this as well.

Work on the details, take your time, no hurry. I'm in for chipping
around 50$ too.

Ok. I think It'd be best if we split this into two bounties for the moment. Here are the two I think are most important.

1. GC -- Give us a way to disable it, GC allocations will not be allowed, and the GC will not run.

2. Runtime -- Give us a way to disable the stdlib and runtime completely, and be able to compile and link programs that do not depend on them.

Got any thoughts?

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