On Saturday, 15 February 2014 at 20:28:03 UTC, Alexander Bothe wrote:
1) On which OS are you working?

Windows 7 64 bit

2) What are your include paths?

I'm using the default install directory:

3) Are those paths put into the 'default' compiler config (aka DMD2 should be the default)


4) Have you opened up a dub project or did you create one directly in Mono-D?

I've opened an existing Dub project

5) Could you pastebin me your last log file(s) please? (You can open the folder via 'Help' menu -> Open Log directory)

Parts of the log file is Dutch (OS language), Xamarin Studio language is set to English but most of the interface and even the log files are unaffected. I guess I'll have to take that up with the Mono Develop devs.


6) Try to put the include paths into the project settings and try to get phobos symbol completion afterwards.

I can't seem to find where to add include paths in the project settings..

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