On 2/19/2014 10:50 AM, Chris wrote:
I've uploaded some suggestions for sticker and t-shirt design (not necessarily
for DConf).


Feel free to comment. In case anyone is interested in one of the designs, just
contact me on this forum. I have all designs as SVGs created with Inkscape, but
I can create other formats too.

First off, thanks! It's always fun to see new D artwork.

Secondly, as everyone tells me, I have no artistic taste. Keep that in mind when reading my comments.

1. I like "Better by Dsign". I wonder how it would look with the D logo (seen on dconf.org) as the stylized D?

2. The make the switch slogan is a nice one, but the logo doesn't really look like a D, and if I didn't know the artwork was supposed to be about D, I would never guess it.

3. The designs look a bit spartan.

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