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A new version of Dgame is ready: https://github.com/Dgame/Dgame/releases/tag/0.3.2

Don't forget to visit the website and the tutorials:

Also there is now a Work in Progress section where games are listed which are written with Dgame:

There is as yet only one (finished) game of me and a fellow student, but I'm sure others will follow. It is intended to show what is possible and how. Currently it consists of only one level, but we're working on it.

is this just for windows?

The Spaceshooter game is only downloadable/direct executable for windows because I'm only on Windows. But you can download the game from Github and compile it by yourself.
Or did you mean Dgame?

indeed, i meant Dgame.

As you can read in the install turorial, on other plattforms you have to build the needed *.dll files by yourself but that's the only thing you have to do. Dgame was tested on Linux and OSX also. :)

I tried it last night for the first time on linux x86_64 and it works. Very nice library and easy to use, good work!. I managed to hack out a small space invaders level in only an hour or so. As for shared libs, I just installed those from the system package manager (SDL, OpenAL etc.) it worked flawlessly :)

I did have one build issues though:
Window/MessageBox.d(148): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (this.box_buttons.length) of type ulong to int.

Simple cast to int fixed the problem and I've added an issue to github. I'd offer a pull request but it's such a simple change and my github access is very limited at the moment.


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