Hello everyone,

I am very proud to announce that the final version of dlang-fr's
( french spin-up ) website has been released a few hours ago. The
whole thing has been totally rethinked as it was not
practical/useful/attractive, though it is still runned by

What is new :
- a new design forked from Archlinux.fr's wordpress theme, using
dlang.org's design
- a planet to centralize blog's posts about D
- working code highlighting using codemirror for snippets in
every page/post
- integration of the forum and the planet with the website's

The website is still hosted on my personal server, and I own the

We now have a great working platform to publish (dynamically)
quality documentation, and translations.

I have already some drafts that I am working on on the wordpress.

But, before going any further, I need to clean some issues I have
in my mind :
- dlang-fr.org is using dlang.org's visual identity and some CSS
- dlang-fr.org is planning to translate some dlang.org's pages
- ... also using D's logo

I'm not talking about external resources that depend directly
with their respective authors ( like Ali's book, or qznc's
Pragmatic D Tutorial ).

Do we have the right to continue this way, or is there some
license/authors issues ?

I also would be very happy to get helped in any way you can,
please feel free to contact me on cont...@dlang-fr.org or on my
personal email.

Again, I apologize for my English.


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