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some reading and listening thats interesting

Niklaus Wirth celebrated his 80th birthday. The Niklaus Wirth
Birthday Symposium, organised by the computer science department
of ETH Z├╝rich, was a celebration of the life and work of Niklaus
Wirth on the occasion of his birthday. Details about the talks
and speakers are available here. The talk of Niklaus Wirth
himself is also available (complete programme).

Adding the discussion I started back on Lambda the Ultimate.

I am a fan of Wirth's work as he and his peers have proven that is possible to have personal workstations OS done in memory safe systems programming languages (Modula-2, Oberon and their successors)

Sadly the world at large ignored what was happening at ETHZ during the mid 90's and decided to invest in optimizing C compilers instead.


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