Am 17.03.2014 23:08, schrieb Alexander Bothe:
...and a way less annoying completion behaviour, as there's a completion
request time out now that just cancels any too long attempt to get
completion info.

Cheers mates,

I've given Mono-D the first serious try recently (I'm using a simple Sublime Text setup usually) and it was a really pleasant experience. Apart from the code completion and the DUB integration, which is of course awesome to have, some features like the integrated compare/blame/merge views are also nice productivity boosters.

Good to see progress on the auto completion, as that was the only thing that still was a little annoying - annoying just because it usually works so well that you quickly come to rely on it and thus also immediately notice when it fails. There is probably some kind of "uncanny valley" there, where it either has to be perfect, or very sketchy (based on text buffers) to be comfortable to use.

Thanks for pushing this project forward!

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