Am 19.03.2014 00:16, schrieb Atila Neves:
V0.0.4 now supports both package.json and dub.json


There is one change that I would highly recommend - using the output of "dub describe" instead of directly reading dub.json:

 - It's planned to add an SDL based format, which otherwise then would
   also have to be supported

 - Properly determining the right dependency versions/paths,
   configurations and platform specific values is not easy, but vital
   to get the correct results

 - Parts of the format may get extended in the future, requiring
   constant maintenance of the elisp package

"dub describe" always outputs a JSON document* and has everything resolved down to bare compiler settings, so it's trivial to handle.


* There is currently a bug where sometimes a non-JSON preamble is output before the actual contents, so it's necessary to skip until the first '{' before interpreting the output. This will be resolved in the next version.

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