On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 17:21:45 +0000, Iain Buclaw wrote:
> Ain't the dmd-style deps legacy from a failed D build system?
> It's just kept around cause more recent/current build systems /may/
> find it's output useful.

Well, it's what we have currently. We could add support for
gcc-compatible depfiles, but then you're stuck with only new versions of
DMD or LDC if you use CMake. Adding support to CMake and Ninja is much
easier than upgrading the compiler since they're much smaller and more
easily upgradable (fewer moving parts, lower chance of getting subtle
new behavior[1], more reasonable to expect or ask users to have an
up-to-date version, etc.).

Getting the -M flags recognized and implemented in DMD and LDC are good
goals to shoot for, but we're constrained by the tools we have


[1]CMake is (ideally) loud when this occurs through its policy system.m

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