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Is this ready to be posted to HN/Reddit, or still no-go?

I'm going to have to say no. A couple of major problems off the top of my head:

1. I've recently had to shrink the fully supported compilers list to DMD master and GDC 2.064 or greater, owing to a need for the compiler to handle shared libs passed directly to it and the -deps flag, respectively. LDC will be back on the list pending it gaining support for those things. 2. The major use case of mixing C/C++/D code is still fundamentally broken with Win32 DMD because of Optlink problems my poor Linux brain has yet to sort out. This is even more problematic, since the needed GDC version doesn't work on (or at least doesn't have a build for) Windows. 3. I'm still worried about creating confusion around CMake's pending 3.0 release.

I want it to be as friction-less as possible for C/C++ & CMake users to swap out their CMake install, add a D compiler, and start using D alongside C/C++ in their projects. Right now, such an effort would most likely be met with frustration pretty quickly. That frustration will end up aimed at D, even if it should be aimed at my work on this project. That won't benefit anybody.

I've got a list of things in my head I want to be fixed/supported before publishing this too far and wide. I'll work on moving those from my head to the bug tracker tonight, so I don't forget about them.

 - Trent

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