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> On Monday, 17 March 2014 at 14:07:13 UTC, Johannes Pfau wrote:
> > I'm happy to announce the first GDC ARM beta on behalf of the 
> > GDC
> > team :)
> Cool!
> Just tried building it with crosstools-ng on my poor old laptop, 
> and 90 minutes in it gives me
> /home/ellery/Downloads/pitools/.build/src/gcc-custom/libphobos/libdruntime/core/threadasm.S:387:
> Error: selected processor does not support ARM mode `vpop 
> {d8-d15}'
> Any thoughts? My guesses are 1. set Default Instruction Set to 
> thumb (?) or 2. the submodules didn't update on git pull. But 
> I've gotten a working compiler out of this config before, from 
> Mr. Pfau's fork a few months ago, so prolly not 1.
> I'd test these myself, but I don't have a spare 180 minutes 
> tonight..
> gdc-4.8 branch; gcc-4.8.1, should be the linaro source, but not 
> sure

That's a strange GCC/binutils issue. The new Fiber ASM implementation
needs a FPU which at least provides VFP instructions. Now according to
GCC docs GCC only supports these FPUs(*). But if you don't specify one
explicitly it still produces this error. (I guess binutils supports
more FPUs and assumes an older default).

The solution is to set "Use specific FPU" in crosstool-NG to 'vfp' or
any other valid value.

(*) (-mfpu=name)
    Every value listed there works, only not specifying one fails

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