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Congratulations to all involved!

How will this impact the use of D at dunnhumby?


This is going to be very big for D. Our technology will be used with their data and analysis (they're not a software company).
Here's what Dunnhumby said in their press release:

"For some time we have been watching the work of a Berlin internet start-up called Sociomantic. They are a very talented group of people who have developed ground-breaking online technology, far ahead of what anyone else is doing. We have decided to buy the company because the combination of Sociomantic’s technological capability and dunnhumby’s insight from 430m shoppers worldwide will create a new opportunity to make the online experience a lot better, because for the first time we will be able to make online content personalised for people, based on what they actually like, want and need. It is what we have been doing with loyalty programs and personalised offers for years – done with scale and speed in the digital world."


And this article gives some broader background:


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