On 4/4/2014 11:47 AM, bearophile wrote:
Also, there is a ugly name clashing between enum field names and the enum
properties. The solution is to group them into a single namespace (like "meta"),
and then forbid an enum member with the name of the namespace.


Actually, that was intentional, which is why the issue is marked as "enhancement". The builtin properties are override-able.

Unfortunately overall the design of D enums has more holes than swiss cheese.

Enums are not meant to be rigidly typed.

> This is why in a recent post I said to Andrei that perhaps there are still
> several little breaking changes to do to D, and they need priority over 
> enhancements.

I understand your concerns, but I don't share your opinion that they need fixing. Their behaviors were deliberately designed, and in my experience work out nicely.

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