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news:li4a40$tn2> What I'm after
> * I don't need a programming language.
> * I need a coherent set of tools for creating software. A "language" is 
> incidental.
> "
> I totally agree. Sure, the language may be the core, and one of the most 
> important aspects, but the rest of the tool-chain is extremely important 
> too.
> I don't think everyone in the D community (and outside it too) fully 
> stands behind this idea.

At least I do.

Let me explain:

My "life-project" is represented by 450.000 lines C++ (music-notation)
written in 14 years.
I learned to hate C++ because of its unproductivity.
I'm desparately waiting for something better.
(that's why I have been following the D development from the beginning)

BUT: The tool "VisualAssist", which I use now for a long time,
is so tremendously useful, that it makes programming for me
often fun and joy!!! Enjoy programming C++! Crazy, isn't it?

Crucial is at least:
- easy navigation to definitions/declarations/locations of usage
- hyper-intelligent completion (VA does a superior job)
- reasonable refactoring

Visual Assist does a perfect job in providing this level
of comfort to C++-Programmers.

I did not find anything comparable yet in the D-toolbox.

I feel D is superior to C++ in almost all fields, but if I have to
change to a half-intelligent IDE, which gives me only reduced
orientation/control/completion in a 1/2-mio-lines-project,
then it is no alternative for me.

That's why I'm still standing at the fence and watch all
the exciting development from outside.

Christof Schardt

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