On 4/11/2014 9:10 AM, Mike Parker wrote:
Google has cleared the dblog.aldacron.net domain from the blacklist, so
it's safe to visit The One With D and the Derelict forums again.

Ultimately, I had to root everything out myself. Tech support was
friendly enough, but very little help (they advised me that I needed to
find the problem, which is what I asked for help with in the first
place). It turns out there was a hidden executable which was completely
invisible to my ftp client. I was able to see it only through the CPanel
File Manager, but I was unable to delete it. Every attempt succeeded,
only for the file to come back again. But once I eliminated all sorts of
php files and fixed a number of static html files that had been
modified, the problem went away even if the executable did not. Tech
support did, finally, tell me they would remove the offending file.

Ouch! At least it's all sorted out.

Because of this experience, I've decided it's time to move away from
shared hosting. I'm going to transfer everything over to a VPS (either
with Digital Ocean or Linode) so that I can always have shell access.

Yea, shared hosting can be a pain. TBH, all my biggest web server problems have always been directly related to one shared host or another. I got fed up and switched to VPS a few years and haven't looked back. I haven't looked closely at the other VPS companies, but in my experience you can't go wrong with Linode. They're amazing. I'm ultra-critical of freaking everything, and yet I don't have a single, even minor, complaint about Linode. (But then I'm a control freak, so VPS is a natural fit for me anyway, so "FWIW".)

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