Am 12.04.2014 06:54, schrieb Andrei Alexandrescu:
On 4/11/14, 12:39 PM, Paulo Pinto wrote:
Am 11.04.2014 21:09, schrieb Dmitri Nesteruk:
I'm happy to announce the release of the D programming course on
Pluralsight. Five hours of video goodness covering the basics of the



 From me too, this is awesome!!

Now on Reddit

Per, posting Friday
around noon PST is suboptimal, it's best to wait til Monday morning.

and HN

When giving HN posts, don't give direct links (they have protection
against votes coming straight to a post). Instead, give a search link
such as!/story/forever/0/pluralsight.


Thanks for the tips, will take care next time.


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