btw, what is the license for your code?
I don't really care. Refer to it as much as you like.
so maybe you will add license to sources? WTFPL, for example, which basically means "public domain". the thing is that sources without license are proprietary, and nobody except the author can do anything with that.

I have larger plans for this project, but I've been distracted with other
apparently more important things.
same thing here. %-)

It might be fun to collaborate if you're interested...?
i'm actually know only one vintage computer: ZX Spectrum. and sadly i have not much time now. but this surely will be fun, so i hope that i will be able at least help a little here and there. %-)

p.s. zymosis was written a long time ago in C, when i realized that there is NO Z80 emulator which is:
1. accurate.
2. does not need alot of tables to generate 400kb of shitty source code.
3. written by me. %-)

zymosis.d was just a quick port from C which i did in two or three evenings. one of the goals wal to see how easy it will be to port such a messy code, 'cause i'm planning to use D in my future projects and eventually port all my homebrew C libraries to D.

and when zymosis.d compiled first time it immediately passes almost all tests. very impressive. then i decided to announce the thing here — just in case if anybody will need such thing. there is no much sense to let it rotting on my hdd.

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