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>>> btw, what is the license for your code?
>> I don't really care. Refer to it as much as you like.
> so maybe you will add license to sources? WTFPL, for example, which
> basically means "public domain". the thing is that sources without license
> are proprietary, and nobody except the author can do anything with that.

Yeah I know, I just never expected anyone else to take interest.
I'm often torn between gpl and bsd/zlib.

If something's open source with no commercial intent, is there good
reason not to use gpl? How hard is it to change later?

>> It might be fun to collaborate if you're interested...?
> i'm actually know only one vintage computer: ZX Spectrum. and sadly i have
> not much time now. but this surely will be fun, so i hope that i will be
> able at least help a little here and there. %-)

I've written a spectrum emulator. Good fun.
It could play games from cassette tape attached to the audio-in port ;)

> p.s. zymosis was written a long time ago in C, when i realized that there is
> NO Z80 emulator which is:
> 1. accurate.
> 2. does not need alot of tables to generate 400kb of shitty source code.
> 3. written by me. %-)

Yeah, I understand point 3. It's a good exercise to write an emulator,
so a lot of people reinvent that wheel for the experience alone :)

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