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I'm unable to find the HN link. This search shows the reddit link and a link straight to the forum. I even tried to go through several pages of "newest" on HN doing a search for "tkd" without any luck. Did it get

We should just link to the post with some "remove me" characters. E.g.:


You copy-paste the URL, and that should avoid any issues with
hotlinking, wouldn't it?

Thanks. There's no tracking info in the url, so it it's probably the
best way as long as the search site doesn't work as intended.

I thought they track the referrer, no?

Anyhow if I go to https://hn.algolia.com/#!/story/forever/0/Tkd the story is the second hit.


If you go to an address from the url bar rather than clicking a
link, most browsers won't include a referrer. If you used https
to access the forums, it likely would not include a referrer

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