Wow, good stuff, very impressive, I'm making a engine myself called Breaker Engine (Coded in D), and I might just have to take a few tips from your engine.

Although I've neglected it for about 2 months now lol, I've been gathering data as my math is not so good..

If anything I make in my engine just happens to be anything I can apply to your team's engine, I'll be sure to contribute. :)

Seeing as how you're using a component system.. It's probably just coincidental, but would your project happen to have any relation to BennyQBD's engine? (

Also, I may have skipped over it in this thread, but what was your experience with the D GC in your engine?

Was it a problem?
Anyway, again, good work, I look forward to our future relationship as D game engine developers. :)

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