DGui is a lightweight graphic library for Windows with API close to .NET's Windows Forms.

The library is written by Trogu Antonio Davide, but he isn't supporting it any longer so you can refer me as a current project manager.

One can get examples and OMF import libraries needed to build executables from "Downloads" section on project page.

Project repo page:


The project API should be stable now, but lots of stylistic renames happened recently so if one has a huge codebase using old names and want to upgrade to current version you can contact me and I will prepare autorenaming scripts for you (I used it to do renaming anyway).

Sorry for API breakage, I just couldn't see all those C-style uppercased enums any more.


I was waiting to be able to do planned API breaking changes before posting here so the announce is half a year later than the project resurrection date.

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