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> Do you intend to keep this a straight port or will it be open to
> modifications?

I think we can create a new branch with API improvements and
additions. I'm not sure what the state of dub support for this is,
apparently branch-based dependencies are now deprecated? I hope we can
do something like this:

# Use the direct C++ Port
"dependencies": { "dbox": ">=0.0.2", }

# Use a new D-ified interface which has more features
"dependencies": { "dbox": "d_api:>=0.0.2", }

Can we do something like this already with dub?

Andrei's allocators could come in very handy. I'm still unsure how we
can actually hook up a custom allocator, you can't really do things
like "$ dmd -alias allocator = mymodule.myallocator".

As for actual behavioral changes, we better start adding unittests then. :)

Btw, there's a Contributions folder in the Box2D distribution which I
haven't ported, it has some cool features like fluids support. I'm not
sure if it's the same as the following video, but the stuff is cool:

> From a brief look at the source, it's possible I'll end up
> needing turning shapes
> from classes to structs and/or hooking it up with a custom
> allocator.

I wanted to convert everything into structs, but the problem is the
C++ library used inheritance and virtual methods even though in the
end they end up using all of these objects as stack-allocated objects.
I'm not sure whether we actually have to spawn a lot of shape objects
though (AFAICT few of them ever get instantiated), but if that's true
then converting these to structs might be beneficial.

>I expect to need to spawn/destroy objects of varying
> shapes very often. (I do plan to try the current version first,
> though; it may be good enough)

Good luck!

> If I make such changes (which may affect the API, although the
> changes can probably be kept somewhat small), should I open a
> pull request or start a fork
> (ddbox? ;p)?

We could create a new branch, but for the moment you're probably
better off not writing any pull requests since I will be MIA for a
while (I'm moving very soon). I'll keep you updated.

> (Same question applies to other of your ports)

Same answer! :)

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